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Kavelin Group
is a 21 years old “boutique” firm specialized in corporations who seek to expand into new markets or the transformation and improvement in their own reference ones, providing services to a diversified client base located in multiple sectors of the economic activity.

Kavelin also develops its own projects and participates in international tenders associated with outstanding partners with international experience.

Kavelin is full member of the
Club of Exporters and Spanish Investors, an association made up of companies whose accumulated turnover represents 25% of GDP and whose international investment is 50% of the total Spanish contribution abroad.
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Our news

Our news


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Kavelin Group and Vegal Farmaceutica have signed an agreement with the Diabetes Management Center of Afghanistan, led by Dr. Kabir Ahmad Faiz, for the provision of medicines, equipment and consulting.

This agreement consolidates the position of the group in the health sector in the country.
Mr. Hugo Cea, Partner of Kavelin Group held a meeting with Mr. Eduardo Ferreyros, Hon. Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru during his visit to Madrid (Spain).

The meeting focused, among other things, on the impact that the
2019 Pan American Games will have on the country's exterior image.
Sport is no longer a simple recreational action and has become a motor of the economy of nations as well as a reflection of the expectations of their societies.

More than 240 million people practice football through the 1.5 million FIFA clubs.

In the European Union football employs more than 800,000 people, with the proportion of football spending in general (of goods and services) to GDP about 0.7% on average.
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Mr. Ignacio Gracia, Partner of Kavelin, has been appointed member of the Board of Trustees of the Swiss NGO, Action For Development - AfD, an organization with consultative status within the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

AfD works in partnership with governments and local partners to implement durable solutions for the people of Afghanistan.

Its main areas of expertise are education, health, empowerment and response to natural disasters.
Western political drift should not make us forget the reality of the US-EU trade agreement (TTIP) that will undoubtedly boost Spain's export capacity to our main buyer, the US.

The negotiation of the Treaty is being ignored by public opinion, despite the enormous advantages it will entail. All information is necessary, especially in order to formulate a solidly based opinion that suffers from ideological elements. (
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Growth in the Asia-Pacific economies is expected to decelerate slightly to about 5.3 percent during 2016–17, according to the latest Regional Economic Outlook for Asia and Pacific, published on May 3, 2016.

While Asia remains the engine of the global economy, the moderation in regional growth reflects the sluggish global recovery and slowing global trade. (
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WhatsApp: Why is this app free? Are we aware that we are sharing information as sensitive as the phone numbers on our agenda and the messages we transmit through someone we do not know and whose infrastructure is not audited?

The fact that a service is of general use does not indicate that it is safe and, of course, advisable. (
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