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Local services
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Our services cover all local needs throughout the life of a project, by establishing logical control mechanisms and work performance tools.

Our total availability endows our work with as much efficiency as possible, avoiding the logical problems of cultural, social and even time differences.

Our goal is that all our clients' efforts are dedicated solely to the execution of their objectives, being us responsible for facilitating all other auxiliary tasks necessary to bring these to a good end.
a. Home services for your employees and their families:
Facilitate local adaptation of employees and their families. Pre-arrival assistance by cultural adaptation courses and other educational services, home search turnkey assistance, schools for the children and all the necessary tools to make their stay pleasant and comfortable in order to create the best personal environment and thus provide the best professional efficiency.
b. B2B services for the company
To support companies to develop their operations according to plan and provide support services and assistance in purchasing toward the establishment of an efficient infrastructure and a controlled cost. We are able to provide all services, from cars to employees, implementation of IT systems, Offices location, furniture, printing services, legal & tax assistance, immigration, etc
c. Physical and logical security
Protection of all key assets of the company. We consider as asset any element of the company or project that is required to achieve the stated objectives: information (including communications), reputation, materials and people.
d. Management and coordination office
Provides a single attention window, both in the country of origin of the company as well as the country where the project is being implemented. This office provides a single point of contact for the management of contracted services.
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