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Specialized work, own projects & main partner companies
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At Kavelin we are aware that we can not be experts in all the areas in which we want to work. That is why we are carrying out a series of strategic alliances with international companies, leaders in their field, to be able to jointly address all the projects that are within the scope of our strategic development.

The main characteristic of these associations is their complementarity among them, the recognized leadership of these organizations and the high adaptability and therefore the possibility of working in highly demanding environments.

A very special type of partnership that we also develop is the international representation of the interests of companies as well as the marketing and distribution of their products or services, all complemented by the provision of the other services developed by Kavelin.

The scope we cover with these agreements includes the following activities:
Kavelin Tech
Consulting and clearly differentiated pioneer solutions that are already implemented and therefore have a high degree of maturity: Hydrocarbons, airports, public transport, secure communications.
Kavelin Health
Focused on offering a full range of integrated services in the Health sector, we cover consulting, equipment, construction, supply, training, management and regulation services in hospital services and hospital and pharmaceutical products.
Kavelin Consultancy
It covers a large field of work, from legal, fiscal, capacity building, engineering, project management and supervision, etc
Kavelin Sports & Entertainment
Our services include consulting, project management, research and practical analysis of the sport and entertainment business. Our main mission is to contribute to its economic sustainability.

Main partner companies

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