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Legal and fiscal services
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Our legal and fiscal services are focused on comprehensive advice at any required stage, specific need or entire projector, regardless of the location of yourself and its association or not to internationalization processes.

By partnering with prominent local law firms, Kavelin offers legal and tax services in all the countries where we work

Our main areas of expertise are:

a) Mercantile advice. b) Public and private contracting in infrastructure projects (nationally and internationally). c) Management of structural modification of companies and bodies linked to the public sector. d) International business implementation. e) Trial specialists in civil, commercial and labor ares (nationally and internationally). f) Compliance Officer. g) Collective bargaining and job layoffs (proceedings of employment regulation).

Other areas of expertise:
a. International taxation
International tax planning. Taxation of mergers and acquisitions. Tax Litigation. Indirect taxation, customs and excise. Continued tax advice. Transfer pricing. Management, remuneration and taxation of executives and expatriates.
b. Labour law
Contracts and remuneration: Managing expatriates. Legal representation in labor cases. Social security and labor risk prevention.
c. Project finance
Assistance in obtaining funding for business ventures.
d. Corporate law
Creation and management of commercial companies and SPVs, Temporary Joint Ventures. Agencies, Branches, Permanent Establishments. Holdings.
e. M&A operations
Advice on the purchase, sale, merger, joint ventures and strategic alliances.
f. Operations and foreign trade contracts
Customs, trade regime, contracts and customs documents (contract, insurance, control and verification). International recruitment: model and features. Terms of delivery in international sales.
h. Infrastructure and assets
Social, financial, legal and technical feasibility studies for project authorization. Assessment methodologies and structuring of projects from the social, financial and legal terms point of view. Rate regulation criteria. Preparation of tender documentation.
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